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Amethyst Inspiration

One of the coldest month's and the final stepping stone to Spring, February is a month of deep reflection. It's name is actually derived from the Latin word "Februa" meaning "to cleanse." And so, symbolically, the Amethyst, in all of it's varying lilac and saturated purple hues, is the perfect representative for this month of introspection, love and transformation.

Dillon Rose Custom Jewelry Engagement Ring

Amethyst is believed to assist in stilling the mind for meditation and, as a stone of personal empowerment and inner strength. Historically, royals have admired the purple hue of the February birthstone since at least the days of Alexander the Great. Found in the collections of royal families throughout Europe and Asia, the Amethyst has enchanted kings and queens for many centuries. Amethyst lore includes several claims to mystical powers, including that it would convey strength and wit to those who wore it.

Diamond Custom Jewelry Tulsa

Inspired by the Greek Goddess Artemis, this Amethyst and diamond necklace was a reminder when I was creating it that what is considered feminine can also be very fierce. There is beauty in balancing these forces within us. 

Contact us if interested in creating an Amethyst piece of your own!

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