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Black Jade, Diamond and Silver Ring

Cyterica and Nick

Bridal rings are truly one of the most important purchases in a person’s life, we love getting to make each one as unique as the people that wear them and bring that much more meaning to an already meaningful token of love. Many of our first bridal customers were fellow Tulsa artists and creatives. It makes the process that much more enjoyable when we know the people wearing our jewelry have an appreciation for the design and process that goes into it. I was so pleased when Nick and Teri came to us for their rings. I actually bike past their house on my way to the studio every day and get to appreciate the eclectic collection of art and stained glass in their yard and on their porch. I first got to know Teri through her work with the Holy Mother Collective, an arts collective bringing awareness to women’s issues in Tulsa and creating a platform for female artists to express themselves in a supported environment. We’ve been able to collaborate on multiple projects with the collective that have impacted Tulsa in a great way. Teri is also an amazing film photographer and has come into the studio a few times to take photos of me working. 

Black Jade, Diamond and Sterling Silver

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