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Building New Rings and Learning

Expanding more into Gold and diamonds has been a learning opportunity. I've had to adapt but have found new ways to be creative with the different properties of these special materials. The way diamonds endure the heat of the flame is so inspiring. Gold really has a hardness that makes it so wonderful for prong set engagement bands with beautiful diamonds but it also symbolizes longevity and endurance. I've learned so much about diamonds, how to judge their quality and cut, where to find the best ones at the best price. It's really a whole other layer to jewelry making that I am really enjoying the process of exploration. My favorite is still pairing stones like this Red River Turquoise with unusual black diamond.  This mixture of identifiably beautiful and valuable materials with my distinct design adds so much potential to what I can create as an artist. I am loving all the bridal projects coming my way and enjoy seeing the couples young and in love.
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