· By Dillon Rose

Custom Design Process

 Do you have a story to tell?

Whether you’re looking to transform an inherited heirloom, reimagine an old design that no longer speaks to your personal journey, or starting from scratch, our specialty is crafting pieces that you will love forever. We have had the pleasure of working with many happy custom clients. View our custom work archive for inspiration or book an appointment today if you have an idea. 
Let's design something together!
-Rachel Rose
Let's walk through our custom design process!
  • Consultation: Time to reveal your custom idea
  • Design: Rachel designs your custom idea
  • Modeling: We turn that design into a cad model
  • 3D Printing: Your custom design gets 3D printed
  • Casting: The 3D model gets molten metal poured in
  • Clean-Up: Our bench jewelers ready the design for stone setting
  • Stone Setting: Your stone of choice gets set in your design
  • Polishing: Final clean up and shine
  • Delivery: Our carrier partner will ship your custom design
  • Proposal: For those who get a custom designed engagement ring!


Please let us know if you have any questions or design ideas!


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