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Tend to your home // Honeybee Inspiration

After the coldest temperatures we've had in Oklahoma in decades I expected to find all my bee hives dead. How could they possibly survive such cold temps they were unprepared for? Instead on the first warm sunny days after the storm I found a hive busy cleaning out the bees that didn't survive and cleaning themselves in the sunshine. I watched as bees emerged carrying dead bees that were just as big as they were, sometimes they would drop them right outside the hive, but often I would see them carrying the deceased bees high over bushes and trees, many yards away from the hive. I don’t know why they feel the need to carry them that far but the effort they put into tending their home to keep it as fresh and clean as possible is incredible. It made me reflect on how I tend to my own health, how I purge the things, or more often, thoughts and habits, that no longer serve me or help me realize my goals. It takes effort. ‘Good Enough’ is so easy to give into. Perfection isn’t my goal, but I know that often, even when I don’t feel like it, tending to all the little negativities or old habits will ultimately land me in a place of increased creativity, health and freedom, which is my goal. Without tending to these unsightly things my relationship with self will be more cluttered, which leaves my relationships with others less healthy. Tending to my interior home is truly the best way that I can tend to all my relationships - whether it is with my loved ones, with new friends, with my business, or with the earth. I love that even in the dead of winter, when normally I wouldn't be thinking about or checking on my bees at all they are teach me important life lessons. 

Each purchase of our honey comb bangles directly supports Oklahoma beekeepers.

Dillon Rose Gold Tulsa Jewelry

Dillon Rose Gold Tulsa Jewelry

Dillon Rose Gold Tulsa Jewelry

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