The Regal Wisdom of Blue Sapphire + Lapis Lazuli

For thousands of years, both Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli have been cherished by royalty, religious sects and hundreds of cultures. Both long thought to symbolize wisdom and truth, they have adorned robes of clergy and burial ornaments of ancient kings and queens.

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The celestial hues of Blue Sapphire denote something of holiness and hope. Worn in the ancient and medieval worlds as a talisman for wisdom and protection, it was believed that a Blue Sapphire could protect its wearer from poison, plague, fever and even, black magic. Ancient Persians believed the earth actually rested on a giant sapphire, which made the sky blue.

For more than 2,000 years, sapphires of incredible brilliance and saturation have been sourced in Sri Lanka ("The Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean") and around many Southeast Asian countries.

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Lapis Lazuli remains a symbol of royalty, honor, power, spirit and vision. A universal symbol inner truth, it was treasured by the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. This vivid blue stone was used in Ancient Egypt among the kings and queens; adorning scarabs, pendants and other jewelry, powder for eye shadow, dyes and medicinal elixirs. Even King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus was lavishly inlaid with Lapis Lazuli. In Medieval Europe, the rich heavenly blue of the stone was believed to counteract the darkness, bringing light and wisdom. It's many uses were not lost even in the art world as the painter, Michaelangelo, preferred to use this intense ultramarine in his studio.

The traditional source of the finest Lapis Lazuli is the same today as it was thousands of years ago, the mountains of Afghanistan. Other major sources are Chile and Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.

Seeking our own inner truth, self-awareness and growth, we can reach to our gemstone jewelry as a daily rite to remind us what we might need that day.

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