18K Diamond Goff Ring

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Brilliant architect Bruce Goff often described his design style as the "continuous present," where the past and present merge into a continuous stream without beginning or end. This ring encapsulates that sentiment, respecting a vintage cut diamond and sculptural style in the band while bringing in a modern setting and asymmetric artistic flare.

The center marquise diamond is 0.83 carats with five 1mm round diamonds on one side. The raised ridges along the other side lead to a knife edge band. Total diamond weight is 0.865 carats.

Size 6.5

This ring was made using 100% recycled gold.

The Art Deco Collection invokes imagination and expands the horizons of the mind. My hometown of Tulsa is home to many surviving examples of 1920's Art Deco architecture. As a child I loved these buildings before I understood anything about art and design. Like the architects of Art Deco, my hope is when you wear this jewelry your imagination is ignited, your mind is expanded and your spirit is elevated to new heights. - Rachel Rose