Bee Dance Earrings

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Sterling Silver and 14K gold cluster earrings, with white diamond and yellow gold accents. 14K yellow gold stud on the back.

When a foraging bee finds a nice patch of flowers she gathers what she can and returns to the hive to communicate with their sisters where the good food source is located. She communicates via a method of movement called the waggle dance, a series of figure 8 motions done in relation to the sun so the sister bees know which direction and how far to travel to the food source.

Each earrings has one 1.5mm diamond accent, the figure 8 moves freely creating movement and catching the light.

38.8 mm Long X 7.7mm Wide

These earrings are made using 100% recycled silver and gold.

10% of all Apiary Collection Sales support Oklahoma beekeepers.