Regeneration Bracelet in Sterling Silver, Pink Tourmaline and Diamond

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Oxidized Sterling Silver Cuff with 1.2 carat pink tourmaline set in 14K yellow gold with 11 accent diamonds accenting the edges. 

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of a vast network of mycelium which makes up 30% of the soil under the earth's surface. Mushrooms are the fruit and reproductive organ of the organism, penetrating the earth's surface by coming up through a volva. 

Fits a Large Wrist.

In an effort to continue the sense of interconnection inspired by mushrooms a portion of sales from Collection V will be donated to complete the creation of the Creative Field Guide to Northeastern Oklahoma, a book made to encourage middle-school-aged youth and up to learn about Northeastern Oklahoma's native species and to create art inspired by experiences in nature. Edited by Liz Blood and with contributions from 40+ Oklahoma artists and writers—including original fiction, poetry, visual art, and art and writing prompts—this book will be printed in early 2022 and given away for free to Tulsa-area kids.