Blooming Dangle Earrings

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Sterling Silver earrings with 14K gold and Black Diamond accents. Sterling Silver post on back of earring, the bottom section dangles freely creating nice movement. These earrings are made using 100% recycled silver.

Earrings measure 40mm long x 13mm wide.

There is a vast network of mycelium under the earth, making up 30% of all soil. The mushrooms that we see are the fruiting bodies of these vast fungal networks. 


In an effort to continue the sense of interconnection inspired by mushrooms a portion of sales from Collection V will be donated to complete the creation of the Creative Field Guide to Northeastern Oklahoma, a book made to encourage middle-school-aged youth and up to learn about Northeastern Oklahoma's native species and to create art inspired by experiences in nature. Edited by Liz Blood and with contributions from 40+ Oklahoma artists and writers—including original fiction, poetry, visual art, and art and writing prompts—this book will be printed in early 2022 and given away for free to Tulsa-area kids.