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Custom Jewelry

Custom designed jewelry is a way to express yourself or communicate your feelings for a loved one through a unique piece that can be worn for years to come. From custom engagement rings to matching bolo sets, or just a simple necklace pendant with a personalized touch, we provide a range of options for you to display your passion. We love to create one of a kind jewelry that speaks to your interests and will last a lifetime. Our expert silversmith, Rachel Rose, will bring your ideas to life and transform an heirloom quality piece of custom jewelry into a handmade memento of love.



Custom jewelry can me be difficult and time consuming to make but ordering is easy. Just fill out the form below with your idea, your inspiration, the metals or stones you would like to use and we will get back to you with a quote on your unique project.

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Engagement Rings and Bridal

When you promise to love and to hold that person who brings so much meaning to your life, we believe your rings should be an extension of that special relationship, reflecting the passion and individual character of your partnership.

We work in copper, silver and gold. Our expert diamond buyer has over 40 years of personal experience.

In our studio in Tulsa we design and build the rings you and your partner will share using traditional silversmithing methods. Whether your desire is the rustic charm of turquoise and copper or more traditional gold with diamonds, we can help you find the perfect engagement ring and wedding band.

 ~ Sterling silver ~

~ Sterling silver ~

Lindsey and Adam's relationship is embodied by the embrace of flow and change. Like moving water, never still, sometimes rushing and often tranquil, these two rings are cast in Sterling silver through the lost wax method. Models were made by hand then cast into an investment into which the molten silver is poured. They are a one of a kind pair and never to be reproduced,  just like this special couple.

 ~ Copper, Silver and Turquoise ~

~ Copper, Silver and Turquoise ~

Jackie and Clay wanted to incorporate the warmth of copper into their wedding rings. Lined in Sterling silver and featuring a bright Turquoise in the engagement band, these rings were created to channel the fondness this down-to-earth couple has for their country life and mountain memories.

Hawk Wing Necklace

Custom Necklaces

Buffalo Cuff




Turquoise Bolo Tie