Dillon Rose

Twin themes of Nature and Nostalgia run through the breadth of work created by Rachel Rose and Seth Dillon Dazey, a husband and wife metalsmithing team from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their artisan method involves traditional techniques such as reticulation, forging, riveting, engraving and extends into wire-wrapping and weaving to produce a body of work diverse in form and function. These old-world techniques harken to the age of handmade craft, when artists and artisans individually produced ornate and useful objects. While their method invokes tradition the resulting aesthetic is uncommon; muted, dull finishes pair with asymmetric designs to reflect the spontaneous, order-eschewing world of Nature. An antidote to the urbanization of modern life, these objects are meant to serve as reminders of our necessary connections; to the earth, each other and ourselves.


 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

We have two wonderful children, the eldest born in 2012, who teach us daily what joy is.

Our parents and siblings have supported us throughout  our adventures and deserve all the thanks we can give! 

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