Art Deco Collection

"The grandeur and boldness of Art Deco taught me to believe in the power of art and design. Simple objects like buildings or jewelry can hold meaning beyond their function. The design of an adornment can bring imagination to life and inspire creativity, bringing value to our lives and filling our world with beauty. This is my first collection of jewelry inspired by the work of humans rather than nature. I’ve created collections inspired by mushrooms, bees and mountains. In contrast, this collection is inspired by the work of women and men who believed in something grand. It is a deeply personal collection because of how these buildings influenced me as a young homeschooled girl. Growing up just east of downtown Tulsa in a heavily religious community, my cultural exposure was a sheltered experience heavy on conservative views. I would escape to downtown on my bike and explore, marveling at the expansive Art Deco edifices and ornate details inviting my imagination to wonder. This was the intention of the architects, to inspire creativity and spark ambition. Art Deco helped me expand my world and ignite my own creativity. It is my hope with this collection to build on this rich legacy that helped form the artist I am today and continue the tapestry of imagination woven by designers and architects of the past."

-Rachel Rose

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Edge Ring- available in silver and gold.

Adah Earrings- silver and gemstone earrings, a unique tribute to artist Adah Robinson

Edge Hoops - Simple elegance with silver edge hoops.

Prairis Sapphire Ring

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"The Prairis Sapphire ring celebrates the opulence of 1920s Tulsa, a time when the city was known as the 'Paris of the Prairie.' Inspired by the ZigZag and Streamline Art Deco styles, this ring honors the imagination and ambition necessary for milestone achievements. A 1.91 carat purple, step-cut sapphire, cut by Lapidary artist Keith Cler is the centerpiece of this ring accented by 2 baguette diamonds.

The Art Deco Collection invokes imagination and expands the horizons of the mind. My hometown of Tulsa is home to many surviving examples of 1920's Art Deco architecture. As a child I loved these buildings before I understood anything about art and design. Like the architects of Art Deco, my hope is when you wear this jewelry your imagination is ignited, your mind is expanded and your spirit is elevated to new heights.

-Rachel Rose