The Bike Ring

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The Bike Ring

Inspired by designer Rachel Rose's first memories of Art Deco, the Bike ring is a tribute to childhood memories riding her bicycle around downtown Tulsa in awe of the Deco buildings surrounding her.

Two triangles, like the frame of a bicycle, form the top of the ring with a 2.5mm diamond bezel set in the smaller of the 2 triangles. The bike ring is a symbol to dream big and reach for greatness. It’s also a reminder to enjoy the ride.

This Bike Ring is a part of our brand new Fall 2023 Art Deco Collection. View the entire collection here!


We typically use 18K Yellow Gold for it's rich beauty. This ring is also available in 14K White Gold and 14K Rose Gold. Specify your preference at checkout.

Absolutely! Customization is available on almost every piece we make. Gemstones are also an option. Stone customization requires extra time but no extra cost to fulfill. Send us your idea here:

It definitely could be if your lover is a cyclist. We would recommend a more traditional center setting for the proposal and then pair that with the Bike Ring as the wedding band. This ring looks great stacked.

Absolutely not. We love this ring for it's symbolism. It is for anyone who is trying to be their best in life. It also just looks really cool!