Covid-19 Copper Cuff Fundraiser

Want to kill viruses and help creatives? 

Since mid-March, Rachel Dazey of Dillon/Rose has become reacquainted with her love for copper and it's amazing antiviral qualities. Something that feels so timely in the era of Covid-19.

According to a number of scientific sources, copper is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. “Heavy metals including gold and silver are antibacterial, but copper’s specific atomic makeup gives it extra killing power,” explains Bill Keevil, a microbiology researcher at University of Southampton (U.K.). as interviewed by Smithsonian Magazine in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.


There is centuries-old history of the usage of copper in the wellness realm. From sea-faring Phoenicians inserting shavings of their bronze swords into battle wounds to prevent infection to the jewelers in Europe during the Cholera Epidemic having a far lower rate of sickness than the normal population, the continued evidence of health benefits from this earth-made material is staggering.

However, this is not medical advice to replace that of CDC precautions. While these cuffs cannot protect you from getting sick, they can help you to hope, to believe and to know that it is possible to beat this thing.

Dillon/Rose has dedicated the last two months to creating copper pieces to help fund her fellow Oklahoma creatives. Lydia Cheshewalla, an Osage artist, was one of the artists funded through the campaign, “The fundraiser helped me pay bills and buy groceries when I lost 100% income. The impact of that alone is huge.” Cheshewalla also dedicated a portion of the donation toward a new Covid-19 reactive project, entitled “Spatial Intimacy”. Grateful for this emergency support, she reflects, “Through her donation she not only supported my literal life, she supported my passion and my ability to do what artists do best: process big events and feelings, question them, create something from them, and connect through them.”

 As Dillon/Rose hit a direct-to-artist goal of $2500, we pivoted to work with a Tulsa-based non-profit, Red Dirt Relief Fund, to offer assistance to local musicians through these sales.

While these cuffs cannot protect you from getting sick, they can help you to hope, to believe and to know that it is possible to beat this thing.” 

- Rachel Dazey

The cuffs have become a practical and stylish way for the Tulsa community and beyond to wear their support for artists and creatives throughout the pandemic. Shop Dillon/Rose copper creations and help support the heartland's artists and musicians.

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