4c+74.13 Necklace

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This necklace, named 4c+74.13, is from the Platinum Rose Collection, a collaboration with Natty Gray and Michael Palazzo. Wax was molded around blue glass by hand and then liquid silver poured into the mold forming this unique jewelry piece. Kyanite, howlite and pearls are featured on the strand. 

4c+74.13 was named after one of the largest black holes ever discovered. It has a mass of 40 billion times that of our Sun. Its x-ray emissions can be seen from Earth, though it is nearly 400 million light years away in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster. 

The jewelry in this collection is a statement about where we could go, the adventure we can imagine, the people and places that might exist at the edge of our known world. Read more about the Platinum Rose collection here