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Ruby Hexagon Hoop Earrings

Regular price $450.00

Bright, flush set rubies in solid sterling silver hexagons sit atop a hammered silver hoop that dangles freely. 

Earrings measure 50mm (or 2") long in total.

Made using 100% recycled silver.

Hexagons are the most efficient shape on earth, the extreme efficiency of honey bees to build the comb together, keep it clean and utilize it for their various needs is remarkable. There are a variety of stages throughout a bee’s short lifetime. A single bee will transform from egg to larvae to pupa to nurse bee to worker bee to forager bee. Each stage utilizes the honey comb in a different way and in a healthy hive the bees know when they need to transition from one role into another to maintain the health of the hive.

10% of all Apiary Collection Sales support Oklahoma beekeepers.

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