Sign of Life Earrings

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Solid 14K Yellow Gold and Natural Diamond Stud Earrings

When inspecting a hive in early spring to check on the health of a queen bee a beekeeper lifts the frame of honeycomb up into the sunshine and looks deep into the cell for a tiny white dot, the egg. If you see little white dots nicely patterned across the entire frame of comb you know that the queen is in good health and the hive should thrive in the upcoming season. The pattern of small little white dots can communicate the health of the queen and hive. The health of the eggs reflects the health of the queen. As above, so below.

Earrings are 21mm long with a 3mm diamond in the center.

 These earrings are made using 100% recycled gold.

10% of all Apiary Collection Sales support Oklahoma beekeepers.