Dillon Rose

Rachel Rose Manchester Dazey's silversmithing work is both traditional and unconventional.  Preferring natural textures with a muted finish, her artisan jewelry line reflects the natural world from which she draws inspiration.  She creates jewelry with complex layers difficult or impossible to achieve with modern mass-production methods.  This traditional process transforms the object into an organic record of the process, each piece uniquely formed by hand. Rachel's organic jewelry designs, inspired by our natural environment, create lasting impressions.

-------I grew up near downtown in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood and graduated from Tulsa School for the Arts and Sciences in 2006, where I studied photography and art.  I was anxious to explore after graduating and I left the familiarity of Oklahoma for Europe with a friend immediately. I traveled through Switzerland and Italy on my way to Portugal where I studied migratory birds in the small coastal town of Mexilhoeira Grande with scientists from all over Europe. After returning to Oklahoma, I began working at the Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville. It was a thrill to work hands on with all kinds of birds; ravens, flamingoes and bald eagles, but much like the birds I was caring for, I had a drive to search out new horizons and soon traveled south. In Mexico, I made friends with artisans who sold their beautiful jewelry in the streets and marketplaces. They shared techniques, teaching me skills I would use to create my own jewelry. It was invigorating and inspiring to sit with seasoned artists in the open air markets of Mexico and sell my first pieces of jewelry. I continued my way south to Guatemala to volunteer with an organization called Maya Pedal, where I first learned the art of welding. Visiting the beautiful Lago de Atitlan, I met amazing South American silversmiths selling jewelry. A flame ignited within me and when I eventually returned home to Tulsa, I enrolled in a silversmithing class and I've never been without a torch and some metal since. 

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