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Eduardo worked in these factories for over a decade from the age of thirteen, until one day a machine caught a bit of his clothing, slowly pulling him in, crushing his fingers then his hand, until the machine was stopped just before finishing off his upper arm. 


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Eagle Pass Texas sits on the southern US border 700 miles from Tulsa. As I rode my bicycle there back in 2007 almost everyone I met on the three month journey tried to convince me to abandon my mission, warning of impending disasters that would immediately befall me upon arriving in Mexico. The constant expressions of fear we’re infectious, filling me with dread as I finally saddled up to cross the bridge separating the land of law and order from it’s despicable and bloodthirsty southern neighbor.


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When I was a kid, my mother would often rebuke my rebellious tendencies with the reminder that as soon as I was paying my own bills I would then be free to make my own decisions. 

I took that to heart and set my sights on freedom.