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Beginnings are sometimes the hardest. I remember the first time I struck out on the road alone. I had just graduated high school and had a 1978 Chevy Beauville van. The backseat folded down into a bed and it had a gas-guzzling V8. I drove all the way to Portland Maine on that trip. The van got broken into when I was in Baltimore. The thief managed to grab the little sewing kit in the back that had all my cash hidden inside. They also stole all my CDs which I remember being far more upset about. Fortunately I had a friend who helped me get some work in a nearby town refinishing hardwood stairs. I made more money than had been stolen and figured I might as well continue to explore. I went up to Portland Maine and visited some friends I had met on the road. Again, I was able to find some construction work just by asking for it and that's when I realized I could probably just keep going.

And I did.

And so will this blog.