Copper Cuff Covid-19 Artist Fundraiser

Copper cuffs are antiviral and beautiful, help us raise funds for artists with your purchase.

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Bridal & Engagement

Rings that are as unique as your love.

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Custom Work

Stories told in metal and stone. Quality that lasts a lifetime.

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Design and create a custom metal cuff in our private metalsmithing classes. 

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One of a Kind

Unique pieces that are inspired by a passion for the natural world.  

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Blog posts


A circle is defined as the locus of all points equidistant from a central point. I like to think the central point in...

Freedom In The Mind Is Simple

Freedom in the mind is simple. It’s mostly about letting go, like a bird drifting on wind currents high in the sky.  ...

Jewelry tells the story of who you are

Jewelry reflects our desires and projects our values. Used for centuries by royalty from all kingdoms, jewelry has se...


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